Re: Saving Periodicals (freight car content, "of course")

Jared Harper

My public library has a periodical give away bin. Patrons can bring in their old magazines and place them in the bin. I take old magazines there regularly including train periodicals. When I get a new issue of Model Railroader, RMC, or whatever, I read it and then razor blade any articles that are of future use and file them in folders under the appropriate label, i.e. freight cars--box cars, scenery--grass, painting, etc. What is left, sometimes the whole magazine, goes in the library give away bin in the hope of recruiting more modelers.
Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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I am engaging in a long overdue periodic rationalizing of my model railroading and railroading-content periodicals. I worry that on weight alone, the flooring will give up the ghost, perhaps even before I do. I have complete libraries of all RMC's (including predecessor), all MRs, all TRAINS to 1980, and most R&R' for the past three or four years. I also have a large stash of the totally-absorbing UK periodical RAILWAY MAGAZINE.

What am going to do with everything? I will put up a notice on the Docent bulletin board at the California State Railroad Museum for" Free periodicals FOB my home. Cherry-picking encouraged, but only after off my property." Otherwise, straight to the recycle dumpster.

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