Re: Rapido reefer

Jason Shron

I can answer that!

You bet you will be able to see them before ordering. That's why Bill didn't announce an order deadline yet.

The way we work at Rapido is we usually announce an order deadline, and then it comes and goes and we're not ready to start production. So we keep taking orders. That first order deadline is often completely fictional....

Then when we are *really* ready to start production, we'll announce in a newsletter and/or to our dealers and distributors that they have two more weeks until the real, final, actual drop dead order deadline.

With new tooling, that drop dead order deadline will only be announced well after we have publicized the final samples. We also try to take them to at least one major show before that deadline.

The only problem is that we rarely get factory-decorated samples before the final order deadline. If we did we could probably boost sales even higher. But our factory is so small that if we spend two weeks making deco samples then that's two weeks that we have reduced capacity for painting and printing other stuff that has already been sold.

You will just have to trust that the paint job won't royally stink. ;-)


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Are we going to get a chance to see the final tooling results before we have to place our orders?


Edward Sutorik

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