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denny anspach wrote:

The problem with cutting out articles for future reference is that they represent only your particular interests and inclinations at the time, not what your interests and inclinations might be at some future date when by serendipity you discover that you saved articles that have no relevance to current needs.
Well said. Whenever I research a topic, including the use of the index, I often find that I actually DO need some issue I haven't looked at for years. I rarely cut issues, and either keep or discard them, partly the librarian in me, but I tend to keep if in doubt. I once had a complete run of MR from the late 1940s to the then- current date, and realized that from about 1962 to 1975 the magazines were VERY thin and not interesting (I was struck by all the magazine ads in those years for SLOT CARS). That segment is gone. I do have (and definitely use) a complete run of Mainline and RMJ.
I've usually found that clubs are happy to take stacks of these magazines, whether to give away or sell.

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