Crescent Lines 40' Express Reefer CL 1998; and WIF #332

dennyanspach <danspach@...>

While rooting around for my WIF car, I uncovered a mysterious unbuilt Athearn blue box kit containing an apparent custom-decorated steel 40' reefer with silver ends/roof, dark olive or PG sides with very, very neat gold (not Duco or yellow) lettering and badge for CRESCENT LINES. In tiny neat lettering next to the swing doors, it says "For Crayfish Loading ONly".

Its a foobie all right, but a very handsome one at that. I would not mind learning of its provenance. Does it ring any bells for any of the listers? If it was a convention car (New Orleans?), it is one the most acceptable I have yet seen.

BTW, my c. 1959-60 Kurtz Craft WIF car is #332 with a New date of 7/1956- the decals just as they came from the Champ envelope. The car is weathered with oils just as I had just learned at the time from Paul Janssen. Not bad, even today. However, I am chagrined to admit that the end lettering was applied to the..... tack boards (What *was* I thinking? (:-)). I do get some points inasmuch as both side tack boards actually have neatly-applied route cards.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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