Re: AAR Standard twin offset side hopper with oval ends?

Tim O'Connor


Why do people think that a model at an AAR alt std hopper correct for
C&O, ERIE, NP, and others would sell only 5,000 cars???

Let me tell you something -- 15 yrs or so ago a small manufacturer made
a model of a 1980-built PC&F insulated box car -- the 62' "Coors beer" car.
This car sold 250,000 copies! Mostly as kits! It's still available today,
as the tooling was sold to another owner.

Think about that -- perhaps 15%-20% of model railroaders model post-1980
HO scale. Roughly double that percentage model the "transition era" in HO.
Why on earth would a freight car that existed in large numbers, that ran
all over the east and midwest from the 1930's to the 1960's, that appeals
to a large segment of model railroaders, sell only 5,000 models??

Tim O'Connor

I was talking to some of the manufacturers at Prototype Rails, and it sounds like the tooling costs for multi-part injection molds to make single piece styrene car bodies are probably too expensive for smaller hopper runs. Its one thing when you can spread the tooling costs over 50k cars, but quite another when the
Thoughts? Just Curious,
Dave Evans

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