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I sent one message to your private mail regarding the cab of your favorite
freight engine.If you have a chance to reply .......

My best

Marcelo Lordeiro


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Quite obviously paint choice is about as personal's favorite
steam engine. Of course, there is little doubt there, I mean, everyone
agrees that the UP FEF-3 4-8-4 is the most handsome and powerful passenger

Actually, I agree with just about everything Bruce Smith said. I've used
every paint known to the hobby and now I use only Polyscale. I guess once
you learn how...

I will add this. As Badger's Greg Konrad said about 15 yrs ago, IF you paint

in Florida you are going to pump out some water. Spary booth or not. I have
3 water traps and I will pump out some water. Try doing that with Scale Coat

or Floquil. Do it with Polyscale and you just keep going. One more thing. As

I told Armand, Polyscale is the most forgiving paint I have ever used.

The value of the filter is high, I thin with 71% alcohol, I place the gun in

water if I stop for more than 5 seconds, and I only use new, fresh paint.
Old bottles are for hand weathering.

Now, as to the best frt engine, Big Boy of course...

Mike nice...

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