Re: AAR Standard twin offset side hopper with oval ends?

pullmanboss <tcmadden@...>

Bruce Smith wrote:

No single road cars? HUH? So tell me, how many folks model
DM&IR? Yet Walther has offered a DM&IR caboose in plastic (as
well as PRR, UP and others...) and Bowser must have sold
millions of shake-the-box H21As and a whole bunch of GLAs...
Apples and oranges, Bruce. Those models, like the Bachmann Pullman, are ones the _manufacturer_ decided to do, and I suspect those decisions were informed by internal arguments (that's a neat car; the market for Pennsy models is huge; no one has done anything like that before). Did consultants get involved? Probably, but having a manufacturer come to you for advice and assistance is not the same as you going to the manufacturer to lobby for a particular project.

I do not buy Tom's argument about one road
cars not selling enough copies.
That wasn't my argument. InterMountain's Santa Fe reefer sold very well, and they didn't have to resort to foobie paint schemes. They _have_ had poor experiences with road-specific models for which they could not justify colorful alternative paint schemes.

Tom Madden

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