Re: Paint

Andy Harman

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:31:49 -0500, mike brock wrote
I will add this. As Badger's Greg Konrad said about 15 yrs ago, IF you paint
in Florida you are going to pump out some water.
I remember being berated at the time for not "learning how" to use flex paints and that
I needed a tutorial from Konrad. I watched him painting at one of the shows. He was
blowing oxide red all over an O scale boxcar like nobody's business, using the Bic
disposable airbrush. I didn't see anything special about his technique. Oxides in his
paint line usually worked well, basically if you have a good bottle of paint, even with
sloppy technique things will turn out ok.

On the other hand, I saw up close some of the sample locos that GK had been using in his
ads for his paint. When I actually saw the quality of the finish - one of them had
paint peeling off the walkways, the other looked like it had been blasted with Krylon
from a fire hose, rolled in salt, and blasted again, the idea of "learning" anything
quickly vanished.

I've been airbrushing for - let's see - about 38 years. I don't plan to ever try to
teach anybody anything about it. But I think it's pretty insulting to be told to "learn
how" from someone whose paint jobs I wouldn't even try to strip, much less emulate.

And there are plenty of folks who get outstanding results from acrylics. Their methods
generally contradict each other, as my methods contradict others. That's why I don't
ever do painting clinics.


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