Re: Sunshine's new GATC tank car

Jim Hayes

Sunshine usually only brings the newer stuff but surprised us at Naperville
by having several boxes of old kits.

Sunshine will be at 3 events in Feb. and March.

Timonium, Feb. 5/6. Sunshine hopes to have the new tank car there in 8
schemes, some of them very colorful. This kit is supposed to be easier to
assemble than past tank car kits and have better instructions.

And 2 events in California, Winterrail, March 12th and the ATSF Convention
at the San Bernardino train station on March 19th. There may be 2 new ATSF
models at San Bernardino.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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djmiller@...> wrote:

For those who have been to the Timonium show before, does Sunshine usually
bring a stock of older kits with them or do they only sell new and very
recent kits?

Dan Miller

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Frank Hodina just sent me a photo of the pilot model of the new Sunshine
Models GATC tank car:

It will be introduced at Timonium.

Tom Madden

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