Re: AAR Standard twin offset side hopper with oval ends?


Bill sed:

OK, going to stick my neck in here...

1) Modelers that would appreciate the differences between the “Alternate” and “”Standard” designs also tend to demand high levels of detail and correct design variations, which equates to high R&D, development, production and (therefore) retail costs. The Kadee car priced at $42.95 is pretty much the cost level where any well detailed hopper of this type will end up these days at current costs, here or abroad. Even if they all (on average) bought one or two that would not be enough to pay for the project.

2) Modelers who do not appreciate the differences between the “Alternate” and “”Standard” designs will look at them and ask what the heck makes them worth that much more money than the cars that they already own on droves from Atlas, Accurail and “A-Thearn “and will not buy them because they “cost too much.”


I understand the points and business principles. But if a company in the model business wanted a two-pocket offset hopper in its line, wouldn't there be some promotional value in doing a different car than the other manufacturers, even if only slightly? The wisdom of doing the GA '37 meat reefer is a good example. Those that appreciate the differences are singing praises and asking for more paint schemes, while the oblivious remain cheefully so. Everybody's happy.

An unglamourous coal hopper may not be in Rapido's current business plan. But if one day it is, would Rapido produce the Athearn / Kadee / Atlas car?

....Mike Del Vecchio

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