IC "Chiseled Side" Offset Twins (was Re: Forgotten Accurail Great Northern 2 Bay Canton Hopper)

Benjamin Hom

Steve Lucas wrote:
"Though the Accurail models are very nicely done, I'm thinking more of an
accurate Illinois Central hopper car like the ones coloured in this photo--

If the link doesn't work, here's the article containing the photo, and
another of these cars, plus an IC folio drawing of the car-

You mean the cars modeled in HO by these 75-series Sunshine kits:

"That flat area behind the ladder and at the other end of the car near the
bulb angle is very distinctive. So far one is faced with bashing and/or
resin kits to get these cars."

Back in the 1980s, Dick Hosmer kitbashed one of these cars for the NEB&W by
cutting down an Athearn quad. This will give you the desired "chiseled"
offset profile, though the length might end up being a bit short.

"And I personally can use a few of these, as can many steam-era modellers.
They were found at many loco terminals loaded with loco coal. Those
modelling other roads than CN can chime in with their road's use of these
cars. I seem to recall that the NYC used loco coal shipped in IC hoppers?"

I hold zero IC hoppers in the Alburg data pulled from records in Armand
Premo's collection, though I haven't reviewed everything he has. Let me get
this straight - you're asking a manufacturer to invest in a hopper model
owned only by IC, KGB&W, and E&LS. Can you back up your assertions that
they were found at many locomotive terminals? It's certainly a signature
car of the IC, but unless you can prove there's going to be enough sales out
there, this suggestion is DOA.

Ben Hom

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