IC "Chiselled Side" Offset Twins

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I cannot back up my assertion with info that I have in front of me. But perhaps those on this list modelling other roads can?

If the IC only moved coal to CN/GTW for loco use, there'd be no justification for the sizeable fleet of hoppers that the IC had. And no justification for an accurate model of them. With this premise, you'd be correct as to an accurate HO model having zero possbility of production with this alone in mind.

Other roads would have seen these cars as well--which is why I ask modellers of those roads to chime in. Seems to me that more roads than CN/GTW got loco coal from mines served by the IC. As for Alburg, VT, this location would have been a little far afield for IC hoppers to travel when loco coal was available from mines in the Appalachians.

And these IC's two- and three-bay hoppers were far more numerous than the GN's Canton-built hoppers.

Steve Lucas.

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Steve Lucas wrote:
"Though the Accurail models are very nicely done, I'm thinking more of an
accurate Illinois Central hopper car like the ones coloured in this photo--

If the link doesn't work, here's the article containing the photo, and
another of these cars, plus an IC folio drawing of the car-

You mean the cars modeled in HO by these 75-series Sunshine kits:

"That flat area behind the ladder and at the other end of the car near the
bulb angle is very distinctive. So far one is faced with bashing and/or
resin kits to get these cars."

Back in the 1980s, Dick Hosmer kitbashed one of these cars for the NEB&W by
cutting down an Athearn quad. This will give you the desired "chiseled"
offset profile, though the length might end up being a bit short.

"And I personally can use a few of these, as can many steam-era modellers.
They were found at many loco terminals loaded with loco coal. Those
modelling other roads than CN can chime in with their road's use of these
cars. I seem to recall that the NYC used loco coal shipped in IC hoppers?"

I hold zero IC hoppers in the Alburg data pulled from records in Armand
Premo's collection, though I haven't reviewed everything he has. Let me get
this straight - you're asking a manufacturer to invest in a hopper model
owned only by IC, KGB&W, and E&LS. Can you back up your assertions that
they were found at many locomotive terminals? It's certainly a signature
car of the IC, but unless you can prove there's going to be enough sales out
there, this suggestion is DOA.

Ben Hom

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