Re: IC "Chiseled Side" Offset Twins


I hold zero IC hoppers in the Alburg data pulled from records in Armand
Premo's collection, though I haven't reviewed everything he has. Let me get
this straight - you're asking a manufacturer to invest in a hopper model
owned only by IC, KGB&W, and E&LS. Can you back up your assertions that
they were found at many locomotive terminals? It's certainly a signature
car of the IC, but unless you can prove there's going to be enough sales out
there, this suggestion is DOA.

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Count the DL&W has running a big fleet of these chiseled side cars in 2- and 3-pocket variations that lasted into the EL years with a few examples resold to short lines (Rutland was one). I'm at work and not near my reserch library, but other roads did run this type of car. I was suprised that Sunshine only offered the three road names. I ordered the KGBW car to examine more closely, and will order more once it arrives and I see more than what appears in the photos of the model.

I thought long and hard about chopping down the Athearn 4-pocket car and casting replacement sides to graft into existing models. It's a big job. A manufacturer tooling up for one of these to please the modelers of the above roads - not likely. To offer these as an alternative to the one-and-only offset hopper available from four manufacturers -- still not likely as there were more plentiful designs out and about.

....Mike Del Vecchio

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