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You are absolutely correct Mike and I am aware that private companies owned the vast majority of tank cars.My remarks should be construed as to only RR owned tank cars in terms of the % of the national freight car fleet.Armand Premo

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Armand Premo writes:

> Elden,I am using the car totals as presented for 1947.If I have correctly
> read the information the national tank car total, as given ,was only some
> 8531 cars with which I am having some difficulty accepting.Please correct
> me if I am misreading those figures.

I'm a bit late into this thread and I may be missing something but, if I'm
reading it right, Armand's problem is that the 8531 total is for RR owned
tank cars. Union Tank Car alone had 44,831 tank cars in 1953. Shippers Car
Line had 11182 and Sinclair owned 4976. These numbers probably are similar
for 1948...

It should be noted that during WW2 solid trains of tank cars moved from the
southwest through Appalachia, rolling over billions of tons of coal which
was not very useful in oil derivative fuels used in tanks, ships and

Mike Brock


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