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Seems you have a wrong number somewhere. In 1953 the total number of tanks cars was 172301. Hard to believe that 164,000 tank cars were built in 6 years.

Rich Orr

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Elden,I am using the car totals as presented for 1947.If I have correctly read

the information the national tank car total, as given ,was only some 8531 cars

with which I am having some difficulty accepting.Please correct me if I am

misreading those figures.Armand Premo

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And there were boatloads of tank cars around the major chemical producers and

petro-chemical user areas, such as portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana,

and such, and which also then differed from the more "common" oil-producer

fleets. With all the small gasoline distributors, and later LPG wheelers in

the mid-west and west, it would be hard to imagine a layout on which tank

cars were not in evidence.

Elden Gatwood

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On Jan 26, 2011, at 8:09 AM, A. Premo wrote:

> David,Going even further using this data one can come up with the % of

> each car type in relation to the total car fleet of a given period

> (year).After perusing the information tank cars represent a minuscule

> percentage of the total car fleet.Armand Premo

Yes but, once again, Armand, one has to think in terms of the region being

modeled. Tank cars were all over the place in the oil- producing and oil

consuming regions of the southwest and far west, much less so where coal was

the major industrial and heating fuel.

In addition, western railroads like the SP and Santa Fe had substantial

fleets of tank cars in mostly captive service hauling locomotive fuel.

Richard Hendrickson

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