Re: Freight Car Statistics

Tim O'Connor

By 1960, 3.9% of all railroad owned equipment was covered hoppers.
The percentage of covered hoppers in the privately owned fleet of
272,242 cars was undoubtedly higher so the ratio of tank cars to
covered hoppers by 1960 probably declined to about 3:1 and by 1967
was only about 2:1. (Only mentioned to illustrate the trend.)

On western railroads where open hoppers were far less numerous, I
expect the percentage of covered hoppers by 1960 may have been as
much as 5%-6% of all freight cars, though tank cars no doubt still
outnumbered them.

Tim O'Connor

I think that is a misconception based on a regional bias. I have compiled the data for 1953. While tank cars only compose 0.6% of the cars owned by railroads, they also compose 55.4% of the privately owned rail cars. Overall tank cars accounted for 7.4% of all rail cars in 1953. There were 5 times as many tank cars as covered hoppers; nearly twice as many tank cars as flat cars; more than 3 times as many tanks as stock cars; more than 20 times as many tank cars as ventilated reefers; and nearly 25% more tank cars than reefers.

Rich Orr

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