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In the 1/43 ORER, US Pipe & Foundry (UPFX) is shown with three tank cars as their whole fleet. None of the companies listed appears in the 1/53 ORER. Were the hoppers not used in interchange?

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I have researched the railroad thoroughly. There is very little that has been written about this railroad. I have been working on a history, the Sloss Furnace Museum in Birmingham has the first edition, and have found very few pictures of the operation.

I have dug through old books on Birmingham and Sloss both. I have been to train shows looking for pictures. I have not had a chance to speak with Bob from Bob’s Photo because I can’t seem to get a working phone number for him. I have looked through several books and very little has shown up.

That is why I am looking for help. The railroad utilized nearly all second hand hoppers from what I can tell. I am hoping that some of you may have pictures or sources that may show cars being sold to Sloss. Company name followed this sequence: Sloss Company, Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co., US Pipe & Foundry Co., Jim Walter Industries, Jefferson Warrior and now it is Alabama Warrior.

Thank you for your help.

Jason Greene

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