Re: Illinois Coal industry, was: IC "Chiselled Side" Offset Twins

Tim O'Connor

Ray, this is starting to feel comical. Are we looking at the same
July 1950 Official Railway Equipment Register??

The "Total" listed in my copy is 53,640 cars. If I add up the tallies
of cars in your list below, I get 53,640.

So how did you get 56,516???

Tim O'Connor

Anyway, the 7/1950 ORER says that the IC had a total of 56,516 cars, broken down into
the following general categories:

X - 20,868
G - 6939 (the recapitulation in back says 6937)
H - 20,581
S - 1100
LO - 476
LP - 1161
F - 1498
R - 1017

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