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Now I can use that D/A GS gon that I bought years ago (this kit is wrong for CN Enterprise-design GS gons) AND model an IC loco car carrying loco coal.


Steve Lucas.
Not quite. The big problem with the Detail Associates GS gon for those of us who model the mid-west is DA only ever modeled the Enterprise "link" door mechanism. This featured custom roller chain style chain on the door closing shafts that wound over itself, looking like disks when the doors were closed.

Most of the mid-western roads used the somewhat older "chain" mechanisms, where standard logging chain style chain was wound around a worm gear shaped casting as it pulled the doors closed. A small point, but one that looks distinctly different.

Red Caboose made alternate shafts with a pretty decent rendition of the chain on the spiral castings that they packed in their IC, Soo Line, perhaps other kits, but I don't know if the parts were ever available separately. If so, I imagine they could be made to fit the DA car.


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