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Paul <kruegerp@...>

Here is a link to the announcement on their Facebook page:

NEW TOOLING - HO and N scale B&O M-53 Wagontop boxcars. HO cars will have detailed underframes, metal grabs, metal wheels and Kadee couplers. N scale will have etched metal roofwalks, body mounted MT couplers and FVM metal wheels. 4 Schemes this round with delivery starting in June.

HO: $30.95
N: $19.95

Seattle, WA

--- In STMFC@..., Marty McGuirk <mjmcguirk@...> wrote:

Apparently Matt at Fox Valley Models has announced a new B&O wagontop boxcar in N and HO scales.

It's not on the FVM web site as of this morning, but apparently details are included on the FVM Facebook page - which is something I can't access from work.

Thought someone on this list may want to check it out.

Marty McGuirk

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