Re: B&O twin offsets (was Illinois Coal industry)

Tim O'Connor

Yes, but Ben there is correct and there is CORRECT isn't there?
I can name many model freight cars, including many from Kadee,
that are not CORRECT (with all capitals) right out of the box.

I mean, we are modelers, right?

Tim O'Connor

"Ben, according to older emails from Chris Barkan, Ed Hawkins, and
yourself, the Athearn twin is close for modeling B&O classes N-35,
N-41 and N-44 -- with the caveat that there are some differences on
the ends, and Duryea cushion underframes. (But then how likely are
we EVER to get a plastic twin offset with a Duryea underframe??)"

...and if you read Steve's e-mail that I'm replying to, produce the RTR B&O
hopper car that correctly models these cars. As you pointed out, there aren't

Ben Hom

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