Re: Wyoming

Tim O'Connor

When I got off the highway, and headed down a back road away from
the "old" mainline towards Harriman, I remember dropping down into
a shallow grass covered valley and this lovely old ranch was right
by the road at the bottom of the valley... hills of tall green grass
visible in all directions... and remember thinking these were the
luckiest people in the world.

And taking pictures of trains is so much easier when there are no
trees to interfere with the view!

Tim O'

I am reminded again of some guy standing next to me on a bridge overlooking
the UP yard at Rawlins. He said: "You know, when God got to Wyoming He
didn't have too much left, so instead of using it here He waited unti He got
to the western part of the that, the Grand Tetons and
Yellowstone". As I recall, I didn't argue with him...although I will say
that an occasional UP steam engine hastening through the area in 1953
certainly seemed to enhance the view...pulling, of course, all kinds of frt

Mike Brock...

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