Mathers reefer info needed

Clark Propst

I have a friend that models in 1 1/2" gauge, he's building a Mathers reefer and has some questions I how you fellas can answer? So I can pass them along to him and take the credit of course : )
Any help is greatly appreciated !
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

"Mather Car company leased a fleet of 37 foot Meat cars to Rath Packing co.- I got lots of pictures of sides of cars- the model in question is a 800 series numbered car with what appears to be tar/canvas roof with some type lap seam boards---anyone have photo showing any parts of roof, roof walk-running boards -Ice hatch covers?"

"I have a HO Red Caboose car kit-about useless to determine car details on a model 12 times bigger...additional confusion---some cars seem to have a sheet metal roof -but most of those, also have been upgraded with dreadnought ends--I am building the early model-with four vertical "Z" bar ends.
Your thoughts?"

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