Re: Kadee PS-1s (was B&O twin offsets)(was Illinois Coal industry)

David Sieber

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote: "Many of the PS-1 box cars have incorrect running boards" and Benjamin Hom wrote:
"Which PS-1s? Which road names?"

Three prime examples from my replace-the-running-boards bin: Kadee #s 4822, 4917 & 4924, as WP 19521, 21068 & 20834 respectively; the prototypes were built 10-51 in PS lot#8027, all with Morton Open-Grip (round-hole) running boards. The WP was one of several roads that specified Morton running boards for most boxcars. Unfortunately, Kadee hasn't tooled any of the common transition era alternatives to their beautiful Apex running board, which also could stand in for Blaw-Knox, late Gypsum, and Kerrigan. Kadee puts Apexes on all their boxcars, even where incorrect for the prototype. Other roads who reportedly received 40ft PS-1s with either Morton or early Gypsum (expanded metal honeycomb) running boards included: ATSF, BS, C&EI, C&O, CGW, CIL, D&H, DL&W, FDDM&S, KCS, L&N, LS&I, LV, MSC, N&W, NC&StL, NYS&W, RF&P, RI, SA. SAL, SLSF, SRR (& subsidiaries), SSW, UP, and USAX. Reference: "Pullman-Standard PS-1 40' Box Car List" by Ed Hawkins at
Happily, Plano makes both the Morton and early Gypsum running boards, leaving us only to match Kadee's paint - or weather the car heavily.
Regards, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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