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Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 28, 2011, at 1:33 PM, Clark and Eileen wrote:

I have a friend that models in 1 1/2" gauge, he's building a
Mathers reefer and has some questions I how you fellas can answer?
So I can pass them along to him and take the credit of course : )
Any help is greatly appreciated !
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

"Mather Car company leased a fleet of 37 foot Meat cars to Rath
Packing co.- I got lots of pictures of sides of cars- the model in
question is a 800 series numbered car with what appears to be
tar/canvas roof with some type lap seam boards---anyone have photo
showing any parts of roof, roof walk-running boards -Ice hatch

"I have a HO Red Caboose car kit-about useless to determine car
details on a model 12 times bigger...additional confusion---some
cars seem to have a sheet metal roof -but most of those, also have
been upgraded with dreadnought ends--I am building the early model-
with four vertical "Z" bar ends.
Your thoughts?"
Clark, I'd be curious where Bob got "lots of pictures" of the 37'
Mather reefers in Rath service. I was a consultant to Red Caboose on
the HO scale model and found very few photos of the 37' cars, though
photos of the 42' cars were numerous.

Bob doesn't indicate what date he wants to model, but as of 1/53 the
37' RPRX cars were in the 600-999 number series (205 cars) and the
1000-1099 series (40 cars).

I have only one good photo of a Rath 37' Mather reefer, taken in
10/51, and it doesn't show the roof very clearly but there's no
question that the roof is a Mather Patent metal sheathed roof.
I do have two high angle photos of other Mather 37' reefers, one with
Mather's own MUNX reporting marks and the other with Hunter Packing
Co. HPAX reporting marks, and they clearly show the Mather Patent
roof as well as the arrangement of running board and hatch covers.
FWIW, tar/canvas roofs were largely a 19th century phenomenon.
Mather reefers were all built with Mather patent metal roofs and kept
them through the 1940s and '50s. Another point: the 37' cars were
never rebuilt with Dreadnaught ends; only the 42' cars got postwar
Dreadnaught ends in the early 1950s.

Photos to follow off-list.

Richard Hendrickson

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