Re: B&O Wagontop

Bruce Smith


Are you referring to the plain B&O capital dome that is seen on the left
side of these cars? Yep, it is missing from the artwork! But hey,
that's what decals are for ;^) and at least this baby comes with the
correct flat panel door for those of us who want the original

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

"Gene" <bierglaeser@...> 01/28/11 3:14 PM >>>
Three of the B&O M53 box cars show up on the Landmesser hot box list so
I "need" some. I immediately pulled out RP CYC #9 to compare FVM
illustrations with the photos in the M53 article. It appears to me that
the as-delivered scheme is missing a small round emblem to the left of
the door. What am I missing?
Gene Green


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