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Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 28, 2011, at 9:54 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:

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The early scheme they offer would be for cars as built new
in 1937-38. And then they jump to post war with the Linking
13 Great States logo. Nothing for the WWII era.
Ed Kirstatter,

How likely would it be for a car built in 1937/38 to get repainted,
especially in wartime? I personally think it would be pretty rare,
without evidence a slightly later scheme, I would run these without
hesitation on my circa 1944 layout.
Bruce, the problem here is that many on the evidence, I'm inclined
to say most of the M-53s were delivered with small capitol dome
heralds above the reporting marks and numbers.
I have a photo of the car which was on display at the New York
World's Fair in 1939 that had the herald. Now, that car had a light
gray portrait paint job with black lettering, so it's conceivable
that the heralds were part of the special paint job. However, I
have several shots of brand new M-53s in service, one with a
builder's date as early as 11-37, which also had the heralds. I also
have a somewhat fuzzy photo, builder's date unreadable, of a car
still in original P/L with a 1940 reweigh date which did not have the
heralds, so some of the earliest M-53s apparently did not have them.
So while it's true that few M-53s would have repainted as early as
1944, it looks like a majority of them would had the small capitol
dome heralds right from the start.

Richard Hendrickson

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