Re: FVM to do the B&O wagontop in HO & N

Bruce Smith


Um, right, that's what I said, sort of <G>. I just checked the RP Cyc
photos and they both have the small capitol dome with no reporting marks
(no B&O) on that side, representing an "early Kuhler" style of
lettering. It sounds from your description that at least some of your
photos show reporting marks on the left side, which would make a 3rd "as
built" scheme, the "transition Kuhler". That would be nice as it would
be easier to modify the FVM scheme by just adding the herald (and
changing the number).

Bruce Smith, Auburn, AL

Actually, looking at the RPCyc photos, they do not have reporting marks,
just the

Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> 01/29/11 11:24 AM
Bruce, the problem here is that many – on the evidence, I'm inclined
to say most – of the M-53s were delivered with small capitol dome
heralds above the reporting marks and numbers.
I have a photo of the car which was on display at the New York
World's Fair in 1939 that had the herald. Now, that car had a light
gray portrait paint job with black lettering, so it's conceivable
that the heralds were part of the special paint job. However, I
have several shots of brand new M-53s in service, one with a
builder's date as early as 11-37, which also had the heralds. I also
have a somewhat fuzzy photo, builder's date unreadable, of a car
still in original P/L with a 1940 reweigh date which did not have the
heralds, so some of the earliest M-53s apparently did not have them.
So while it's true that few M-53s would have repainted as early as
1944, it looks like a majority of them would had the small capitol
dome heralds right from the start.

Richard Hendrickson

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