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Allen Rueter

Doesn't ring a bell, a large operation open in Missouri in '62, a tad bit
after this list.
They had to buy some N&W hoppers to meet demand.Maybe another RR

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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I have this vague memory, that I read somewhere that the
largest mine on the Wabash in the postwar era was somewhere
in Indiana, not Illinois... Does that ring a bell with anyone?

The Wabash for years 1937-1939 inclusive:

Bituminous Coal:

originated-and-terminated-on-line: 1,343,053 tons
originated-and-delivered-to-others: 1,186,661 tons
received-from-others-and-terminated-on-line: 6,136,093 tons
received-from-others-and-delivered-to-others: 2,383,201 tons
total 11,049,008 tons

Most of the above numbers are significantly depressed compared
to the period 1928-1930, reflecting the effect of the depressed
economy which didn't end until WWII.

I have data for the above categories for these years for Alton,
Wabash, C&EI, and CGW for coal, wheat, and corn, and partial data
for a number of other cargos.

I have ORIGINATING TONNAGE numbers for 17 cargo categories for
Illinois in 1937-1939 (and 1928-1930) for 12 railroads (Alton,

FYI -- total ORIGINATING TONNAGE for all commodities from Illinois:

1928-1930 -- 171,626,367 tons
1937-1939 -- 128,211,981 tons -- a 25% decline!

I can also tell you how many cars the B&O interchanged with 'western'
railroads at Chicago, Peoria, and St Louis annually 1937-1939... but I

Tim O'Connor


From the WRHS, Coal on the Wabash by Mark Vaughn, from Illinois State Mine
Inspector's Annual Report

Millions of tons Originated:

1900: IC 5322, CBQ 1799, C&EI 1789, Wab 1586, NYC 1287
1910: IC 7488, CBQ 5096, NYC 3812, C&EI 3812, Wab 2906
1940: IC 8993, CBQ 6104, C&IM 5120, MP 4343, NYC 4159 Wab 1342
1950: IC 11533, C&IM 7384, CBQ 7003, MP 5312, NYC 3876 Wab 0.767
1960: IC 8390, CBQ 4850, MP 4599, NYC 4351, C&IM 3877 Wab 0

In 1947, Wabash received 13788 loads of mostly coal from the C&O at Toledo,
11571 from WLE, and 12133 from C&IM at Taylorville.

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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