Re: "Albin Burroughs" = Robert Schleicher?

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jerry Glow wrote:
I think he (they?) were into the model racing car thing before model railroading.
Certainly Bob was into sports cars and sports car racing many years ago, which allows him to edit that magazine with lots of his own vintage sports car photos. Whether he also did model racing cars in those days I don't know. Maybe Richard Hendrickson can answer.
I was always amused, back in the Ding and then RMJ days, that Bob would always pretend he didn't know what you meant when you tried to kid him about Albin and the rest of the stable of pen names. Even after he knew perfectly well that I knew what was going on, he would still resist admitting to the scheme. I guess he didn't want to be too open about it.

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