GTW Rebuilt 40' box car

Randy Hammill

Hi all -

I recently picked up a Sylvan HO-1095 box car kit. This is a GTW 10'4" IH 1937 rebuild of a USRA Double-sheathed box car. The GTW series is 470250-470799.

I didn't realize when I picked up the kit, it was a single car lettered for AC after a GTW car was involved in a wreck, scrapped by GTW, and repaired by AC in the '60s which is well past my era.

Sylvan has other versions of the kit with the GTW Maple Leaf, but after a little research I don't believe GTW switched to the Maple Leaf until the '50s.

Does anybody know what GTW paint scheme, and who makes decals that would be appropriate for 1947?

Thanks -

Randy Hammill

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