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The GTW's Port Huron, MI shops rebuilt these cars from AC&F-1920-built ex-CN 578000-579999 steel frame boxcars between December 1938 and December, 1939. As rebuilt, these cars did not have the Maple Leaf logo. The white Maple Leaf logo was first introduced on CN box cars in 1943, the green and white following in 1945. GTW appears to have used the green/whtie logo post-WWII, never having used the white logo.

Terry Link of TMR Distributing has C-D-S dry transfers available for this car according to his website at--

Here's the actual lettering from this set--

CN Red #11 to paint the car body is available from Scalecoat, ModelFlex, or True Line Trains. You can also use Scalecoat #2 Red Oxide or Modelflex Light Tuscan Oxide Red for a slightly warmer colour to suit indoor lighting and/or weathered paint.

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Steve Lucas.

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Hi all -

I recently picked up a Sylvan HO-1095 box car kit. This is a GTW 10'4" IH 1937 rebuild of a USRA Double-sheathed box car. The GTW series is 470250-470799.

I didn't realize when I picked up the kit, it was a single car lettered for AC after a GTW car was involved in a wreck, scrapped by GTW, and repaired by AC in the '60s which is well past my era.

Sylvan has other versions of the kit with the GTW Maple Leaf, but after a little research I don't believe GTW switched to the Maple Leaf until the '50s.

Does anybody know what GTW paint scheme, and who makes decals that would be appropriate for 1947?

Thanks -

Randy Hammill

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