Pennsy Class X-43B and X-44 Boxcars

Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

I bought Branchline Trains Blueprint Series 1011 Pennsylvania and 1608
Pennsylvania kits today at a train show. The former is supposed to be a 50
foot Class X-44 AAR boxcar with an 8 foot door, and the latter is a supposed
to be a 40 foot Class X-43B 7 foot boxcar with a 7 foot door. The 50 foot
boxcar kit comes with a black running board, while the rest of the car is
'boxcar red'. The 40 foot boxcar came with black roof and running board,
while the rest of the car is boxcar red. It appears that the running board
sprue for the 40 foot car was painted 'boxcar red' on the bottom instead of
the top, as the top is black (unpainted). The roof of the 40 foot car shows
'boxcar red' paint spray pattern around the edges, but the center of the
roof is black (unpainted). All this suggests that both kits have painting
errors! I would guess that the roof and running boards for both kits should
be 'boxcar red'. Is that assumption correct? If so, these kits are only
useful for parts unless I paint and decal them. I'm a Q modeler, so my
knowledge of the Pennsy is infinitesimally small.

Nelson Moyer

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