Re: Incorrect Kadee PS-2 covered hoppers (P&WV)


Thanks Ed. Does this mean the 1956 order had the ASF roller bearing trucks? Wonder what happened to the 35 earler cars.

Jeff Adams

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Which series of P&WV PS-2's were sold to the WM in 1959? The WM bought
45 of them, they were built in May of 1956. The 1965 ORER shows only
15 in service in the series #1950-2049. The WM pics of these show ASF
A-3 70 ton roller bearing trucks which were unusual on the WM as they
prefered Barber S-2 roller bearing trucks.

Wondering if I need to renumber my Kadee car. I have noticed Kadee
has put the correct trucks when possible on some cars.
According to WM freight car diagrams, 46 cars built 5-56 were purchased
by WM in Jan. 1959 and numbered WM 4901-4946. Interestingly, the 1/59
ORER lists all 100 PS-2 cars owned by P&WV that includes 1950-1999
built 3-55 (lot no. 8237) and 2000-2049 built 5-56 (lot no. 8308A). The
46 cars were not yet listed by WM in the 1/59 ORER, so the transaction
occurred soon after the reporting for this ORER took place.
Ed Hawkins

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