Re: paint pens

Jim Scott

Did a search on these pens and found out that they come in eleven different
colors. Here is the website. Could
prove to be very interesting. Tim, thanks for the information...

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA

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Subject: [STMFC] paint pens

I did learn a useful modeling tip at Springfield yesterday.

I was told about a brand of "paint pen" called "Gelly Roll" that evidently
do an excellent job if you need white, black, or brown (burnt sienna) colors.

I have hesitated to buy pens like this, as the only good ones I'd heard about
were from Rapidograph and cost about $25 each. But these "Gelly Roll" pens are
only $1.39 list price! An immediate application for the white pens for me is
to simulate the markings made on sheet and structural steel loaded on flat cars
and gondolas. The guy at Thoroughbred Models who showed me the pen also showed
me rust streaks and scratches he'd made with the brown pen. They come in two
sizes too, medium and fine. I'm going to add these to my growing arsenal of
pens which includes my current favorite, the "metallic silver" Sharpie.

I'm told they are very good for simulating modern "gang graffiti" too, which
fortunately is not in my era of interest.

Tim O'Connor

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