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I had posted a doc like this under "return mtys via" in the files. Looking back at it I am surprised what I missed earlier:
Provisions for hoppers of C&O - NW - VGN - LN – IC – CEI - CBQ - MOP

I've a pix of an Erie gon racked with pulpwood in Bemidji, MN circa 1953. I'd thought that was stretching it.

Never thought to have a VGN, C&O or LN hopper on-line in the Twin Cities – Duluth area I intend to model. There was a steel mill in Duluth that may have accounted for these. And yes, the date of the document is 1 day too far for this list so I'll stop here.
Jim Dick - St. Paul

--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:
I don't know how many on this list are familiar with Equipment
Instructions letters but many railroads issued these in order to
instruct employees on needed movements of COMPANY empties as well as
handling of foreign empties above and beyond the Car Service Rules. I have discussed this in a post to my blog this weekend (at
and the sample document I constructed for SP's Coast Division in
1953 is posted at Google Docs with this link:

If anyone has comments or corrections to this document, or general
comments on the subject, perhaps that wold be of interest to the list.

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