Re: CB&Q box car rebuilding, Was, Interior view of USRA SS boxcar

Bill Welch

My bad Rob; good catch.


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Given that photo was taken at Havelock, NE on the CB&Q, it is likely a
CB&Q Class XA-7/8 40' Single sheathed Automobile box being rebuilt (they
had 5/5/5 ends). - Think Sunshine's CB&Q 22.6 Kit in HO, or Rails
Unlimited Resin body in O scale.

Here is a more convenient TinyURL for the photo:


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Rob Adams

On 1/31/11 7:49 AM, Bill Welch wrote:

I don't know if this will work but this is the link to a very
interesting photo of what looks like a 50-ton USRA boxcar interior
showing the car being repaired or re-sheathed. It is on the Newberry
Library website.

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