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What hoppers are you working on? Most covered hoppers, especially the 37' sizes built by AC&F or Pullman, were used mostly in cement service. It wasn't until the advent of the 47' Pullman PS-2s in the mid-1950s that significant amounts of grain were carried in covered hoppers. Up to that point boxcar were used most often.

The white pepper technique sounds interesting, but I don't have the reference.

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On 2/1/2011 7:38 AM, ltctilley wrote:
Hi group-
I'm working on a group of covered hoppers from 1920s - 1957 (B&O). I seem to remember an article in one of the model magazines from a number of years back that discussed using white pepper to simulate grain spilled on top of the covered hopper and paint masks for something. Does anyone know when/what magazine this could have been? I have looked through everything I have and can't find it.
Since y'all are the smartest, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask here.
thanks and keep up the great chats
Chris Tilley
Pittsboro, NC


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