Re: Index of freight car photos in RP Cycs for Hawkins/Wider

Pat M Duffin

Thanks you Gene, I look forward to seeing the index. I have all the RPC's and I am sure I will notice a car I overlooked, Pat Duffin

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Response was greater than anticipated. Excel, to no one's surprise, was the most requested format. No problem. Can do.

Patience, please. I'm going from ASCII text in DOS 6.x to . . .
Yes, that's right. I use the most up-to-date software possible in 1988.

A couple of responders asked about cost. No charge, just gratis. It really wasn't all that much work. Did it during my rest breaks from working on a building foundation. (BTW, apparently my pacemaker won't speed up when needed.)

Some folks sent some awfully good suggestions and a couple of really nice offers of help, all of which I intend to take advantage.

And to Jack Burgess' suggestion. I have been working on an index to freight car photos in the various Car Builders' Cyclopedias. If anyone has comments or suggestions about why such indices should or should not be combined into one somewhat more complex index I welcome your comments. Again, bierglaeser at yahoo dot com.

Gene Green

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