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Dennis Storzek wrote:
However, I wonder about coal, or coke, to smaller operations. I'm getting out of my area of expertise here, but it seems to me that many of the smaller steel and malleable iron foundries of the period used cupola furnaces, where the melt came in contact with the fuel. Wouldn't that require certain grades of "metallurgical" coal? Perhaps Tony could shed some light on this.
Such furnaces required use of slag to control impurities in many cases, but coke is an ideal fuel for most.

Were there "merchant" coke plants that made coke for sale to industries too small to own their own coke plant? I know Solvey (sp?) had a big plant in Milwaukee, but have no idea where the output was shipped.
You're making the common mistake of confusing Solvay with Semet-Solvay. The latter made coke. They were owned by different parts of the Solvay family, and eventually became separate divisions of Allied Chemical.

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