Revamped TC and L&N kits/details coming soon

Jim King

I've received and evaluated all of the patterns, instructions and decal
artwork from Burl Rice. My immediate plans are to use his L&N PS-3 hopper
heap shields, TC/L&N chip hopper extensions and TC/L&N 40' boxcars patterns,
along with Freight Car Cyclopedia drawings, to create new patterns using 3D
CAD and rapid prototyping. All 3 items will be reintroduced as part of my
product line at the Savannah GA RPM meet on 3/25-26.

Part of the revamping will include a 1-pc body for the TC boxcar using new
roof and door patterns (but his PS-0 ends), separate underframe and combined
TC/L&N decals covering all road numbers. The chip hopper extension may also
be part of a 1-pc hopper body but I need to further evaluate that option.
The L&N heap shields will be separate parts (as Burl offered) that are
easily glued to a PS-3 hopper.

The photo-etched switch stand targets, chains and PRR caboose frets will
also be available. I have not decided how to address bringing back the TC
cabooses . doing so will be heavily based on potential market, so if anyone
reading this wants a 1-pc body kit of either/both cab kits, please reply

I will also have credit card processing capabilities sometime next week,
according to my bank, for folks wanting to call in an order instead of using
Paypal, checks and MO's (which also remain other payment options).

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

Ph. (828) 777-5619


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