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Get use to it. The USPS changed their regulations. Cars can no longer be
legally sent as 1st class mail. They are merchandise not a letter. They must
be sent parcel post ( 2 - 3 months deliver time) or International Priority
mail $30 - $40. Unless you want International Express mail which will be
close to $50 if not more.
Rich Orr

Hi Rich,

I may be misreading the website, but First Class Mail International still
shows as available for boxes or parcels to Australia (haven't checked other
countries) if you supply your own box and it weighs under 4 pounds. And that
would be well over the boxed weight of most HO freight cars given that the
car would in most cases weight under 10 ounces.

It is not available when using the "flat rate service" option but is when
you "select a shape".

Even when you choose "select a shape" USPS promote their more profitable
(expensive) options and you have to click on Priority Mail International
Options or First Class Mail International Options, but they are still there
on the website.

As dealers, all our orders from the US come Priority Mail International, as
our orders are all well over 4 lbs plus they are insured and tracked, but
the uninsured, untracked option still appears to be offered, provided you
use your own box.

And if you think mailing TO Australia is expensive, you want to mail
something FROM Australia to the US. It makes the USPS rate look like a good


Dave North

North Model Railroad Supplies



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