Re: B&O wagontop

Andy Harman

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 03:04:47 -0500, Tim O'Connor wrote
I spoke to the vendor at Springfield about undecs -- he said that if
he could figure out how to pack them the parts without damage then he
would sell undecs. (I didn't ask why this was a problem.) Otherwise he
said he would only sell built-up undecs.
Strange thing to say. Strange thing to sell. Seems like it's a lot harder to pack and
protect an assembled model than a kit. And what's the point in selling undecorated
assembled models? At least box cars don't have glass they can pre-glue into the undec
car. I think that it's easier to get the factory in China to produce them for the same
style packaging as the RTR, which means they have to be assembled. But Athearn manages
to ship undecorated kits in their RTR boxes. Strange, but it beats not having them at all.

I understand that RTR is more profitable, and sells more. But the turning up of the
nose at kit requests is getting old. Many of these companies now selling and justifying
RTR only are run (or at least founded by) modelers who should know better. There's
nothing quite so irritating as being told by a modeler I respect and admire that I don't
need to build a model, the Chinese can do it better so I should just shut up and buy it.


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