Re: B&O wagontop

Andy Harman

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 12:21:24 -0500, Bryan Buss�y wrote
It's a problem in the regard that new packaging would be required, which
would also mean minimums come into play because it's a "new" assembly
procedure. It's actually less expensive to have them assembled and
packaged in the same packaging as the decorated cars, unfortunately.
Yes, no doubt about that. But to answer Bill's question... would you pay *more* for an
undecorated, unassembled model? To the RTR customer, it makes no sense, but to us - a
few extra bucks for clean, unglued, unpainted parts could be a time AND money saver in
the long run. I know that the kit market is not a profit center for styrene
manufacturers anymore. But what would it take to break even, and would we be willing to
meet them halfway? I know that at times kit parts are available "under the table", but
it should be slightly easier than having to know somebody or having an inside
connection. Walthers probably wouldn't touch it, although they still offer limited
undecs of their own stuff at times.

I know it can't be justified in the comptroller's office. But how important are
modelers in the larger scheme of things? If we're too small of a market segment to
bother with, why talk to us at all? I know if I were to contribute my own R&D time to a
product, I'd be pretty irked if I couldn't get it in undec kit form. In fact, I'd
probably selfishly insist on an under the table supply of kit parts from the
beginning... to cover my own needs - and I'd pay for them.

I'm just saying... we all know about China and production and shipping and packaging and
SKUs and all that. We still want kits and parts anyway. So what can be done?


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