Re: B&O wagontop

Andy Harman

On Wed, 2 Feb 2011 14:45:19 -0500, Craig Zeni wrote
But really, what I think I'm hearing is that some manufacturers can't
be bothered to work on a way to get us undec kits...and so since I'm
clearly not in the mainstream I'm buying $40 resin kits to build and
paint...and that's money Rapido or Fox Valley won't be getting from that I'd be happy to give them if they'd simply provide
undec kits.
There's some interesting irony here. Bill is sort of trapped in the middle on this
having gone from a company that made kits (Branchline) to one that so far doesn't
(Rapido). Yet Branchline was an arm of a distribution company, that you'd think would
be most concerned with the bottom line - and they offered initially their entire product
line as kits ONLY. They went to RTR when kit sales slowed to a crawl - and I guess
initially they were good, because those of us who want such things know to get 'em while
they're hot. Rapido OTOH is a small company run by a dedicated modeler committed to
accuracy and detail at the highest level, yet is NOT offering kits. Maybe biggies like
Athearn can afford to produce a few kits at a loss or break-even as a goodwill gesture
and the little guys can't. But I'm with Craig, I think they may be over thinking the
problem. I really don't even need instructions and in fact, if I really need to know I
can buy an RTR version.

Clearly the kits/parts scenario would require direct sales, or at least direct to
retailer sales which might make it manageable. The big distributors aren't going to
stock them. Retailers aren't going to stock them unless they are in a big enough market
(Chicago, Los Angeles) to move them. The call-up-and-beg-for-sprues method sometimes
works but I would like to see stuff more accessible than that - but it doesn't have to
be on the peg board at the express lane at Walmart either.


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