Re: undecorated parts (WAS: B&O wagontop)

Andy Harman

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 15:23:19 -0500, Bryan Buss�y wrote
Andy, it's not going to happen.
This would be a statement of finality except for the companies still producing
undecorated styrene kits... Rib Side, Rail Shop, Tangent, Intermountain, Red Caboose
(sort of), Athearn. So it *is* happening.

Unless it would be produced as a "loss
leader" to entice you to buy other profitable RTR product (which you
already have indicated you won't do)
Actually, the opposite. I do buy RTR, will continue to buy RTR when I can use it. And
I said so. I even said I'd buy an RTR as a guide to building the kit, if producing
instructions is too costly. I'm willing to go halfway. At least.

it makes no economic sense.
There are other kinds of sense. Having a hobby at all does not make economic sense, yet
here we are.

already offer undecorated parts, albeit most of the time in
assembled-model form. I think people have to be willing to compromise
on this one.
What choice do we have?

The parts are being made available at a reasonable cost -
isn't that the most important issue in this regard, as opposed to how
the "parts" are packaged?
Not all models are available in undec assembled form.


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