Re: undecorated parts (WAS: B&O wagontop)

Andy Harman

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 15:48:51 -0500, Bryan Buss�y wrote
Andy, I sympathize with you. It's even tougher in N than in HO
regarding "parts" availability. But I think a course of action that
would have a higher chance of success would be to convince manufacturers
to at least offer their products in undecorated RTR form AND not to glue
the components together.
Actually that would satisfy me, but many of the components wouldn't just press together
especially in a mixed media kit - and more and more we're seeing wire and etchings. I
can't picture a detailed underbody holding together without glue, so you're going to
have a sort-of assembled car crammed into a clamshell box with all kinds of parts
rattling around. Also, I would think the assembled undecs are produced on the same line
as the painted ones and at the assembly stage, the final fate is still TBD, so you'd
have to say ok, the next 200 don't glue them, and put them in a separate staging area.
I can imagine the painters getting hold of unglued models, hitting the button and parts
go flying everywhere :-)

them with a phonecall, an email or through a web store. So I guess it
hasn't been as much of an issue in N - or rather, it's been more
accepted that you can't easily get parts at the hobby store.
That's true - sort of a general rule the smaller the scale, the more RTR it needs to be
but right now I'd speculate a higher percentage of HO rolling stock is available in kit
form than in O, which is dominated by RTR-only players like MTH. And there's always
resin, in any scale.


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