Re: Athearn Blue Box Gondola

Tim O'Connor

It would be nice to have a plastic model of a fixed end 52'6" gondola
wouldn't it? Perhaps Dennis will be looking to add this to Accurail's
product line? If so, what prototype would be the best one? I'd love
to see one of the PS-5 gondolas.

The FCL is long kaput. Richard Hosker managed it but the resource came
from a college and I gather they pulled the resources.

I thought the FCL-STMFC-RPMForum rift began with an argument over whether
plastic or wood was best for representing wood on scale models... but
maybe that was just another in a series. :-\

Tim O'Connor

Pierre Ferland asked:
"Is there a prototype for the old Athearn blue box gondolas?"

Not out of the box. This model is one of several examples of Athearn models
designed around tooling of previous models to produce another car type that
doesn't match any prototype (this model, the 50 ft plug door boxcar) or is
only coincidentally close to a prototype (the ribbed side twin).

That being said, it can be kitbashed into a small number of prototypes,
including a DT&I auto frame gon done as the 2009 Cocoa Beach Shake-N-Take
project. Go to the Shake-N-Take group website and search on DT&I for more

Ben Hom

P.S. - Your question is a bit of a loaded question for this group - a
discussion regarding this model was the straw that broke the camel's back
that resulted in the founding of this group. BTW, how is the old FCL doing

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