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I can, I think, safely say that if the only option for us
to make a kit available is to have Jason, Dan or myself (the entire staff of
Rapido!) sitting at our kitchen table packing boxes and running them down to
the post office to mail them out one at a time, then it probably won't
happen... ;>)

Bill Schneider
Ah come on Bill, look at this:

For the 2008 NMRA National Train Show in Anaheim, Tangent owner Dave Lelbach along with Dan Kohlberg and Brian Rutherford stayed at my house. Well the night before the show Dave had all of us packing undecorated kits of his mumble mumble (non steam era car) on my kitchen table. Dave brought all the parts in a couple suitcases and had pre shipped me the boxes. So this is how the big players do (or did) it.

Dave Hussey

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