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Given the world we live in, where each month Intermountain, Atlas, Athearn
(to name a few) offer a selection of roads names on a given model, and ask
us to place reservations for the ones we want, there clearly is a way to
have undec kits IF the manufacturers would offer them AND there are enough
orders from modellers to meet the minimum numbers needed to switch on the
"kit machine".

If manufacturers said we had to pay a deposit up front, we'd be happy to
collect that from our customers and remit it to the manufacturer at time of
reservation. If insufficient orders were placed, then the money would be
refunded/credited against our next order.

The industry would pretty soon find out if modellers were prepared to put
their money where their mouths are. It would only take a couple of trials to
see if there was sufficient demand to warrant continuing.

All the companies mentioned above supply parts, one supplies kits and the
other two undec models(sometimes RTR, sometimes kits), so it isn't as if we
are asking them to do something completely foreign to them.

As Andy said, plain boxes with a sticker on the end (like IM do) would be
fine and I'd be happy if instructions were loaded on a website rather than
included - assuming I need instructions at all.

Just my 10c worth

Dave North

North Model Railroad Supplies



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